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A Tub Like no Other. Prism Medical Avero Phoenix Tub Atlanta GA

When working in a facility setting you want the best for your residents and staff. Equipment that will make activities of daily living easy, convenient, and accessible, especially if you are working with residents/patients with limited mobility. Bathing and showering become difficult tasks without the proper adaptive equipment that provides the staff with ease of care, and the residents/patients peace of mind. Prism Medical’s Avero Phoenix tub is one piece of equipment you will want to take a look at as an option for your facility.

The Avero Phoenix tub is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), creating a sleek and sophisticated design that uses the highest technology in lifting tubs available. Developed in conjunction with nurses and occupational therapists, the Phoenix creates a relaxing bathing experience for the resident/patient. The Avero Phoenix tub is freely accessible from underneath on three sides and it can be easily used with bath lifts even in restricted spaces and narrow rooms. The lowered leg area and the specially adjusted back profile of the tub body form a balanced ergonomic inner shape of the tub, which allows the resident to lie down in the tub in a relaxed and ergonomic manner.

Here are some amazing features and highlights of the Avero Phoenix Tub:

  • Electronic panel control with membrane key pad featuring user friendly icons
  • Hygienic opening in seating area for easy access to clean intimate areas
  • Designed ergonomically and accommodates all type of lift systems
  • Height adjustable to reduce potential injuries for both the patient and caregiver
  • Fully accessible from three sides of the tub
  • Contoured arm rests and grab handles

When you are in the market for new accessible bathing systems for your facility take a look at the Prism Medical Avero Phoenix Tub Atlanta GA. It was designed by therapists and nurses, people who will use this to take care of their patients/residents.  This is what accessible bathing should look and feel like. Here at ADL Solutions we are a preferred provider for Prism Medical equipment. No matter where your facility is located in the country we can order and ship it right to you.