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Improving Care and Efficiency with the Concerto Shower Trolley from Arjohuntleigh Atlanta GA

atient/resident care is a top priority at any facility, hospital, or community setting. To be able to provide ideal patient/resident care you need to have safe and accessible bathing for all patients. The trouble lies in finding the appropriate bathing systems that will work within the facility setting to help aid staff in taking care of patients/residents.  Activities of daily living are crucial in providing the utmost care for patients and residents, and you want to make sure staff is doing it to the best of their ability with the right equipment aiding in the process.

Arjohuntleigh has masterfully designed accessible bathing systems that are specific to the needs of hospitals, rehab facilities, assisted living, skilled nursing, really any setting where patients/residents are being taken care of by staff.  One of the top bathing systems that can help improve care and making bathing simple and efficient is the Concerto shower trolley.

The Concerto can enhance quality of life, by making safe and dignified showering easily accessible to more residents/patients. Dependent residents/patients can be transferred from the bed, to the shower and back again, in a safe process that involves no manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of back injuries. That is also a crucial part of having accessible and safe bathing systems available so it reduces the risk of injury for staff as well too.

Here are some key benefits to the Concerto shower trolley.

  • The height-adjustable Concerto shower trolley is designed for comfort and safety, with a soft, wide mattress and sturdy construction
  • The Concerto can also serve as a nursing table
  • It is available in three different lengths
  • It is available as a manual aid or either battery-powered
  • Concerto concept includes integration with the Shower Panel to create a smooth and stress-free showering system
  • Sturdy stretcher with gentle slope for water run-off
  • Automatic leveling when lowered against a bed
  • Stretcher with hinged side supports, including double safety latches
  • Tiltable sideways for optimum cleaning and drying
  • Soft mattress with recessed drain and run-off channels
  • Head pillow and drain plug

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to the Concerto shower trolley from Arjohuntleigh. It can provide safe, accessible, simple, and efficient bathing for all dependent patients/residents, without risking injury to staff. This is the perfect equipment to fit into any hospital, skilled nursing, acute rehab, assisted living, or any other facility setting. Contact ADL Solutions at 480-414-0535 for additional information. We are a preferred provider of Arjohuntleigh products and can help you find the right equipment to meet your needs, no matter where you are located.