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Prism Medical’s Sequoia Patient Lift System Makes Caregiving Easier Atlanta GA

Patient care is a big priority, if not the number one priority, for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, skilled nursing, and acute rehab. The patient, and their care, is at the heart of what the facility and staff provide. But at times “caregiving” for each patient can be difficult, especially if their needs are great. One area that can be of concern is when staff has to transfer patients in and out of bed into their wheelchair or shower chair, or into an assistive device. Having to perform manual transfers over and over again can be tough on the staff, and put them at higher risk for injury. One way a facility or community can help make caregiving easier on their staff is by having patient lift systems available for them to use when helping a patient get up and transferred into their wheelchair or other piece of adaptive equipment.

Here we are going to highlight Prism Medical’s Sequoia patient lift system that is a free standing ceiling lift. Listed below are some of the benefits of using a portable free standing unit.

  • Semi-portable
  • Eliminates permanently mounting track to the ceiling
  • Easy assembly
  • Secure fit support feet ensures stability
  • Track leveling indicators on posts
  • Self-leveling adjustment wheel
  • Track ends are attached by secure clamps
  • High-strength lightweight aluminum extrusion
  • Adjustable in length and in height
  • Configures easily for a variety of applications
  • Built-in trolley glides for smooth transfers

This lift offers the ideal balance between flexibility and versatility, the Sequoia was designed with the caregiver and the patient/resident in mind. Easily assembled in less than five minutes, this portable free standing track system comes ready to use and doesn’t require the use of tools.

Adding a free standing portable track system to any facility will help alleviate any safety concerns when it comes to having to transfer patients/residents, plus it will make caregiving so much easier for staff all around.

Here at ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ we are a preferred provider of Prism Medical and carry all of the products they offer. If you or the facility/community you work for is in need of a patient lift system contact us directly at 480-636-1816 for further information. We can ship any lift to anywhere in the US and will help you find the right product that will help meet the needs of your staff and patients/residents

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Accessibility Made Easier With the EZ-Access Trifold Portable Ramp in Boston MA

Access in and out of the home is a big concern for individuals with physical disabilities, especially if it is a newly acquired injury. A lot of homes have steps to get in at the front door and/or have steps to get outside onto the back patio. If you typically gain access through your garage there is a usually a step up there as well. What about the vehicle? What do you do when you need to get a wheelchair or scooter in the back of a van or truck?

These are a few concerns that people have when they end up utilizing a wheelchair to get around. So what options are there to help? Most people want something easy and affordable, which makes perfect sense. One option is getting a trifold portable ramp that you can use by the front, back, or garage door, and you can also use it to help get a wheelchair or scooter into a van or truck. This option may not work for everyone but it is one you should definitely take a look at to see if it will meet your needs.

One company that has mastered accessible ramps is EZ Access. They provide a variety of options when it comes to ramps and other lifts to help get over steps and stairs. Here at ADL Solutions we carry every product that EZ Access has to offer, and we can ship any product anywhere in the US.

Now let’s take a look at EZ Access’s trifold portable ramp’s benefits and features.

  • The unique design makes it easy to set up and transport from place to place. It can separate in to two easy-to-carry sections.
  • Has an applied slip resistant surface.
  • Has an interlocking hinge designed for smoother operation and reduced pinch points.
  • Another great feature is the self-adjusting bottom transition plates, which adjusts the trifold portable ramp to most surfaces.  
  • Offered in sizes ranging from 5-10 feet in length.
  • Perfect for raised landings, steps, or larger vehicles.

The EZ Access Trifold Portable Ramp is a great option if you need access in and out of your home, and to help assist in getting your scooter or wheelchair up into a vehicle. And the best part is that it is portable, so you can take it with you, leave it, and store if you are not using it. This helps provide people with options and ease when it comes to access.

Contact ADL Solutions if you are interested in the trifold portable ramp to see if it is going to meet your needs.

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Get Up and Move With the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer in Baltimore MA

No matter your age or disability everyone should have the opportunity and capability to get up into a vertical position and move around. Adaptive equipment has come a long way and Rifton took a simple idea and created their Pacer gait trainer.

The Pacer gait trainer is designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities. There are several sizes to accommodate youth from nine months to adults up to 275 pounds. Rifton always has the individual in mind when they design and manufacture their products, and quality is always assured.

If you live in the Baltimore MA area and you are a parent, caregiver, occupational therapist, physical therapist, or special education teacher you will want to check out the Rifton Pacer for your clients, patients, children or family members. There are many therapeutic benefits to gait training and being positioned in a vertical upright position. So let’s take a moment and review some of the benefits of gait training.

  • Improved cognition
  • Muscle development
  • Skeletal growth and increased bone density
  • Social development and integration
  • Prevents contractures and increases motion
  • Improves lung function
  • Better circulation
  • Decreased spasticity
  • Lower risk of pressure sores
  • Promotes a more active lifestyle

Now let’s take a look at the benefits that the Rifton Pacer gait trainer provides.

  • Prompts that attach anywhere, not tools required to adjust
  • Simple and easy height adjustments
  • Casters with swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one way ratchet control
  • Folding frame that fits easily in car trunks and can fit through any 32’’ inch doorway
  • Accessories that support posterior and anterior gait trainer use
  • It is versatile, durable, and easy to use whether working with one individual or multiple

With the many benefits that gait training provides to the individual, the Rifton Pacer is the perfect option to help anyone achieve a better quality of life and improved health status. 

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Seachrome Luxury Bathroom Safety Accessories in Atlanta GA

Luxury. Style. Comfort. Strength. When it comes to luxury bathroom safety accessories Seachrome is leading the way with their stylish, yet durable designs with their products. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their bathroom, so why not be safe, comfortable, AND stylish! With Seachrome you can have it all, and here at ADL Solutions we can help you get what you want.

Whether you live in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, or Atlanta, you can have any Seachrome product you want shipped to your home from ADL Solutions. We carry all of their products and luxury lines of bathroom safety accessories and equipment.

So let’s take a look at why Seachrome is at the top of their game when it comes to bathroom safety accessories.

  • Seachrome has devoted over fifty years to producing comfortable, durable, safe and stylish bath products of the highest quality and value.
  • Their all-American approach to innovation in design and excellence in service and production means their work exceeds the standards set for bath products that serve special health needs.
  • Seachrome understands the long-term impact of an environmentally-conscious approach to manufacturing, so we use recycled materials whenever possible and ensure our finished products are fully recyclable and LEED compliant.
  • We design our tub/shower seats and grab bars with an eclectic range of sturdy, long-lasting and beautiful materials.

So whether you are in the market for grab bars, shower seats, or other bathroom accessories, Seachrome has what you need. They have the individual in mind when they produce their safety accessories, but they go above and beyond by adding additional design aspects to the product lines that make them luxurious and stylish.

ADL Solutions is a distributor of Seachrome because we trust and believe in their products. We carry every line of Seachrome products and can ship them to anywhere in the US. 

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ADL Solutions Supports Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Phoenix AZ

Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 is Fall Prevention Awareness Day. ADL Solutions has partnered up with local organizations and businesses to bring awareness on fall prevention safety. There are some alarming statistics when it comes to falls, especially here in Arizona, and it is a big concern that not a lot of people are talking about. So let’s take a look!

  • One out of every three older adults (those aged 65 or older) falls each year (nationwide statistic).
  • In Arizona alone, falls were the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for all age groups, and the leading cause of injury-related death among individuals 65 years and older.
  • In 2012 Arizona had 676 injury-related deaths, 11,605 inpatient hospitalizations, and 32,615 Emergency department visits.

Those are some pretty alarming numbers for Arizona alone, and mostly just from the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. To show how an even bigger problem it is from a fire department stand point.

  • Year to date from January 2013 to June 2014: fire fall calls.
  • Phoenix Fire received 15,710 fall calls
  • And over 3,223 lift assist calls

These numbers are just for the Phoenix Fire Department alone. Not any of the other cities.

So at a glance falls are a major public health issue nationally, but also here in Phoenix AZ. ADL Solutions has always taken a preventive approach to safety and accessibility, especially related to commercial and residential settings. We are only one piece of the puzzle, but if we can help more people be safe and accessible in their home we can help prevent falls.

As a home and facility modification company that specializes in accessibility our goal and mission is to help keep people safe and accessible in their home setting, where ever that may be. Everything we do and provide is all about the individual or family we are working with and providing them with a variety of options and solutions that will meet their needs.

As a company we like to recognize and support community-based efforts that are in align with what we do. That is why we show our support for Fall Prevention Awareness Day. And not just for this one day but all year round with everything we do for the community.

Thank you for your support in National Fall Prevention Awareness Day here in Phoenix AZ with ADL Solutions.

If you wish to learn more about our company, the services and equipment we provide please contact our office in Tempe AZ at 480-636-1816 for more information.

** Statistics stated in this article were gathered from the CDC: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, and from Banner Health Hospitals.

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The New Designer Series from Best Bath Accessible Bathing in Tempe AZ

ake accessible bathing to a whole new level of design with the new Designer Series from Best Bath, available through ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ.

Accessibility does not have to look “medical” in your home, especially in the bathroom. Best Bath makes accessible bathing their number one priority with their diverse line of accessible bathing units. There are a variety of options to help meet your needs, or the needs of clients and patients you serve.  So whether you are in a residential setting, community, or facility setting there is something that will fit what you are looking for.

To take this to the next level we wanted to showcase the many benefits for the Designer Series and how you can make your bathroom accessible, but also meet your unique décor needs and desires.

  • Safety meets style with this series of accessible designer showers. Reset tile patterns that bring a stylish flair to your bathroom.
  • Easy, Beautiful, and Durable. Get the “look” of tile without the worries. The recess is encased within the shower wall so tile installs quickly, is easy to maintain and eliminates any future concerns of water damage.
  • Glass or ceramic tile can be used on walls and/or floor for the custom look that fits any décor.
  • The Designer Series comes in the most popular sizes and design patterns, so finding something to fit your bathroom will be simple and easy.
  • Added bonus is taking a look at the accessory packages that include designer grab bars that will fit with your shower and bathroom.
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The Ease of Accessible Toileting With the Rifton HTS Hygiene Toileting System in Tempe AZ

Proper hygiene and toileting are very important, especially when it comes to caring for a child with a disability. If a child cannot bath or toilet by themselves they rely on a parent, or caregiver to assist with their activities of daily living. To help make toileting simple, easy, and safe for the child and caregiver Rifton designed the HTS (Hygiene Toileting System). Hygienic, simple, affordable, the HTS promotes ease and accessibility when it comes to toileting and bathing.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Rifton HTS in Tempe AZ.

  • The unique design of the optional seat pad opening – open to the rear for larger clients – facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene.
  • The portability kit provides clients greater independence – and their families greater freedom to travel.
  • Optional integral skin foam pads for the back and seat provide comfort for clients and easy disinfecting for caregivers.
  • It can be used on the toilet attached with mounting bars.
  • It can be used over the toilet, attached to a mobile or stationary economy base.
  • And it can be used off the toilet with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan. So no matter the situation the versatility of the HTS will help make toileting easier.

There are many benefits to the Rifton HTS, like mentioned above, additional to those are: it is supportive and comfortable, grows with the child (or multiple children), makes lifts and transfers easier, and requires no tools to adjust the system.

So when you are looking for a safe, accessible, comfortable, and simple toileting system look no further than the Rifton HTS in Tempe AZ. This is perfect for any family or facility setting that cares for children with disabilities. This piece of adaptive equipment will help make toileting and bathing easier for any parent or caregiver.

If you are not sure that this is the right equipment for you and your family come down to ADL Solutions accessibility and interactive showroom in Tempe AZ. There are two different sizes of the Rifton HTS that you can try to see if it will meet your needs.

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Install Grab Bars Properly In Tempe Arizona

Before beginning the installation process of your bathroom grab bars, it is important to know what type of tub or shower you have.

In most cases, additional wood or structural material must be added to the shower walls – such as installing plywood between the shower unit and wall studs, or solid wood blocking between the wall studs. If you install a grab bar into an existing bathroom wall without providing the proper support, the grab bar installation will not secure properly. This could cause great harm if it pulls off the wall.

The easiest way to install proper support is to open the wall, either from the toilet room side of the wall, or if possible, through the back side of the wall from the adjacent room.

If you have a molded fiberglass shower, installation of grab bars will be more challenging. Most prefabricated units use a thin fiberglass plastic wall material that is not strong enough to support grab bar installation. If this is your situation, it’s best to rely on a professional installer who has experience drilling holes through a fiberglass wall and knows the right equipment to use.

A variety of grab bars are available on the market. They come in different diameters and clearances to the wall, and various lengths, shapes and finishes. You need to find a grab bar that has a 1-1/4-inch to 1½-inch diameter (whichever fits your hand size best) and when mounted on the wall, provides a clearance no greater than 1½ inches. If the clearance to the wall is greater than 1½ inches, there is a safety concern. If you were to lose your balance, your arm could slide between the wall and grab bar. You could get “wedged” between the wall and grab bar or even break your arm.

Grab bars don’t have to look institutional. Attractive finishes and decorative flanges and screw cover plates are available. Grab bars are available in various colors to match your decor, as well as brass, antique brass, chrome, bronze, oil-rubbed, etc. Some of the higher end plumbing showrooms carry the more decorative finishes and cover plates.

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Comfortable, Relaxing, Accessible Bathing is now Possible With the Best Bath ADL Spa in Scottsdale AZ

Who doesn’t love the luxury of siting in a nice, big, comfortable bath tub where you can sit back, relax, have some bubbles, and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself? It is a wonderful feeling and a great way to relax while also being able to bath. The hard part is that when someone acquires a disability, or has some very limited mobility, due to various reasons, they might not be able to enjoy that because they can’t access their current bath tub. It has become inaccessible. Luckily Best Bath has come up with the ADL Spa bath tub that is accessible for anyone of any age. So let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this amazing spa bath tub.


  • The tubs’ pressure-sealed door slides open, allowing users to transition into the tub directly from a wheelchair or walker, or for assisted entry via a lift.   
  • The optional jetted system, which includes an Ozone3 Sanitation System, combines a seven-jet hydro massage and a 15-jet air massage.
  • The hydrotherapy system relieves stiff muscles and joints, features rotational jets for additional relief to the feet and lower back, and uses the Syllent water pump, the quietest on the market.
  • The tubs are available with a right-hand or left-hand opening, and come standard in white with a white cabinet base; biscuit, bone, linen, and almond tub colors are available as upgrades.
  • A range of special-order colors and a selection of 12 wood-grain cabinet faces can be specified for a custom look to match any décor. Additional options include a two- or three-wall surround, grab bars for the wall surround, and a harness and seat strap system.

With the improved access provided by the bathtub, individuals of all abilities may be able to remain in their homes longer. And it also has the benefit for parents as well. They would no longer have to strain their backs bending over a bathtub to bath their children.

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Best Bath Accessible Showers In Phoenix Arizona

The most substantial risk and threat to living independently at home are falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to the emergency room in the U.S. and represent the cause of 75% of the accidental deaths in people over 65. Falls also resulted in 85% of the non fatal hospital injuries for people 65 and over.

Fortunately there is a lot of that can be done to make homes safer for seniors in preventing falls and handicap bathroom design has become a major consideration for seniors living with disabilities. This aspect is often also considered with sustainable home design.

Beginning on the outside of the home, safe entry into and out of the home is tantamount. If stairs are present and the senior is able to negotiate them without issue, hand rails can be installed to match the homes décor that offer added stability. When stairs are a challenge, stair chair lifts, platforms lifts and elevators are all options limited only by individual budget. Automatic door openers also known as handicap door openers are a wonderful option for both interior and exterior doors.

When a pool is present in the home, an ADA pool lift can make all the difference in safely entering and leaving the pool.

Bathrooms are singularly responsible for more accidents than any other place in the home and as a result, walk in tubs & showers have become very popular. A walk in shower, also known as handicap showers (with no curb), allow for access without needing to step over something. There are also wheelchair accessible showers that allow access in a wheelchair or with a walker.  Walk in bath tubs and handicap tubs allow safe access while stepping over a low curb through an entry door. Regardless of the selection of barrier free showers or walk-in shower, they all provide more safe access than standard units and help to avoid dangerous falls.

There are many types of bathroom safety bars. In the bathing zone, bathtub grab bars offer added support in hundreds of colors and finishes to match your personal décor. The same goes for other handicap grab bars in other locations. Toilet safety rails that fold up and out of the way when not in use add tremendous safety value around the toilet area. Many choices of bathroom safety bars are also available such as the Superpole for support in getting up or in and out of your ADA shower stall.

Comfort height toilets which are higher than standard toilets installed with color coordinated toilet grab bars offer safe use in the toilet area. A qualified bathroom designer can include all the necessary items in your bathroom design, rendering it both safe and attractive for years to come.