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Prism Medical’s Sequoia Patient Lift System Makes Caregiving Easier Atlanta GA

Patient care is a big priority, if not the number one priority, for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, skilled nursing, and acute rehab. The patient, and their care, is at the heart of what the facility and staff provide. But at times “caregiving” for each patient can be difficult, especially if their needs are great. One area that can be of concern is when staff has to transfer patients in and out of bed into their wheelchair or shower chair, or into an assistive device. Having to perform manual transfers over and over again can be tough on the staff, and put them at higher risk for injury. One way a facility or community can help make caregiving easier on their staff is by having patient lift systems available for them to use when helping a patient get up and transferred into their wheelchair or other piece of adaptive equipment.

Here we are going to highlight Prism Medical’s Sequoia patient lift system that is a free standing ceiling lift. Listed below are some of the benefits of using a portable free standing unit.

  • Semi-portable
  • Eliminates permanently mounting track to the ceiling
  • Easy assembly
  • Secure fit support feet ensures stability
  • Track leveling indicators on posts
  • Self-leveling adjustment wheel
  • Track ends are attached by secure clamps
  • High-strength lightweight aluminum extrusion
  • Adjustable in length and in height
  • Configures easily for a variety of applications
  • Built-in trolley glides for smooth transfers

This lift offers the ideal balance between flexibility and versatility, the Sequoia was designed with the caregiver and the patient/resident in mind. Easily assembled in less than five minutes, this portable free standing track system comes ready to use and doesn’t require the use of tools.

Adding a free standing portable track system to any facility will help alleviate any safety concerns when it comes to having to transfer patients/residents, plus it will make caregiving so much easier for staff all around.

Here at ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ we are a preferred provider of Prism Medical and carry all of the products they offer. If you or the facility/community you work for is in need of a patient lift system contact us directly at 480-636-1816 for further information. We can ship any lift to anywhere in the US and will help you find the right product that will help meet the needs of your staff and patients/residents

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