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Safe Patient Care with the Carendo Shower Chair from Arjohuntleigh Boston MA

The Carendo shower chair from Arjohuntleigh is truly an ergonomic, multipurpose hygiene chair that provides safe, comfortable, and dignified bathing for dependent patients and residents. This is the perfect shower chair for any facility or residential setting to provide individuals with a safe, comfortable, and accessible bathing experience.

With the ergonomic design, battery-powered assistance, and the care raiser function remove the stresses and strains from showering and other everyday hygiene routines, allowing the caregiver to work in a safe and ergonomically sound manner.

The Carendo also improves efficiency of the care, as it enables a single caregiver to perform the entire showering procedure, as well as a wide range of other everyday hygiene tasks. The high level of support provided by the Carendo results in streamlined routines that offer considerable time savings compared to traditional methods.

This shower chair isn’t like any other out on the market today. It was specifically designed to provide patients/residents with the utmost comfort and safety, while allowing caregivers the optimal solution to accessible bathing. Here are a few reasons why this shower chair is a cut above the rest:

  • The care raiser function is unique, as it lifts the lower part of the resident’s/patient’s body, enabling easy and discreet access for sensitive hygiene tasks
  • A handset gives the caregiver complete control over the battery-powered functions: raising, lowering, reclining and the care raiser
  • The high backrest and sturdy armrests provide optimum resident/patient support and security
  • The reclined position gives full access for the caregiver to most parts of the body and is very comfortable for the resident/patient