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Arizona Ranked Best State for Disability Services- Phoenix

Arizona was ranked number one again for the third year in a row for offering the best services for those with disabilities. With cities such as Phoenix leading the way for new innovations in the disability community they have made it possible for individuals to get the proper care needed.  Other states making the top 10 include Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio and New York. States that have remained in the bottom for eight years straight are Arkansas, Illinois, Texas and Mississippi.

These states are ranked on several different factors such as  their approach on promoting productivity and independence, development of quality and safety, and those individuals in need and keeping love ones together.

In a nation analysis, close 317,000 people are on wait lists for community-based and home services. Over the past several years Phoenix has grown as a city but with that growth there are its ups and downs. One down is the poverty level which is a major issue for those who do need special medical care. When individuals finding it hard to make ends meet financial they can neglect their health. But with major support in the Phoenix community though non-profit and government funded programs individuals are given better opportunities for assistant in their homes and health care facilities with the proper equipment and home modifications.

Many individuals are in need of even the most basic supplies and equipment such as grab bars, ramps, & walking aids. With the programs in cities such as Phoenix individuals are giving funding to develop a safer living environment with the proper home modifications and equipment. Just offering these simple and cost effective solutions individuals are offered a longer and healthier life.

One local woman in Phoenix with the assistance of non-profit organization was able to have home modifications done at little to no cost to her. With correct safety equipment installed such as the ramp she received she is now able to enter and leave her home without the major concern of falling. 

 Next year let’s hope that when the report comes out that it shows an increase in the care and quality given those in need have increased. And with Arizona ranked best state for disability services they are the perfect role model for other states to follow.