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Home remodeling services for accessibility in Tempe, AZ

Maybe you are newly injured or recently diagnosed with a progressive disease or you want to be able to age in place in your home for as long as possible. It is a lot to think about and take in. But where do you turn to get what you need to be able to live at home in an environment that is safe and accessible? What questions do you ask? What resources are available? Who do you turn to? That is where we come in.

ADL Solutions is a home and facility modification company that specializes in accessibility. We go into the home or facility setting and help determine the proper solutions for a home remodel that will fit your needs. We offer a variety of services to the community when it comes to home remodeling in Tempe, AZ; and take it a step further to truly understand the world of accessibility.

We will come out and do an evaluation and assessment of the home, or facility, setting to determine what solutions we can provide to the individual or family. From there we discuss different options, pricing, and ideas, as to what we can do to remodel the home to be more accessible and safe. We also keep in mind the area and art of design to make sure your home looks like a home, but you are still safe and can access it.

We also provide all the contract work and complete installation of the equipment as well. Licensed and bonded for commercial and residential. We also sell all of the state-of-the-art adaptive equipment needed for the home remodel. And the final piece is that we provide an interactive showroom for individuals to come down, check out equipment, and “try before you buy”.

ADL Solutions truly believes in being a total solution company when it comes to meeting the needs of the disability community, and those who wish to age in place safely in their homes.

Call our office to schedule a tour of the showroom or to talk with someone about coming out and doing an evaluation of the home. 

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Grab Bars Always Evolving in Scottsdale, AZ

With the growth of senior facilities in Scottsdale Arizona. The need for supplying everyday safety equipment is a must. One of the major obstacles with this is no individual wants to feel like they are disabled or helpless. So many times individuals associate safety equipment with people with disabilities. People who think this ways are in denial that they need the extra help even if come by just adding a grab bar or ramp.  What people need to realize is slip and fall accidents occur every day. Bathroom and kitchens are the number one places for fall accidents because of the presence of water.

The use of grab bars has been around for decades helping and safety to both residential and commercial establishment.  Most people today when they hear grab bar think of the ugly bars you see in public restrooms. But not all grab bars designed today have such a flat boring look. More and more designs are hitting the market that have a designer feel to them. With fun shapes, finishes and multiple functions today grab bar is nothing to think of as ugly or boring.

Even with the growth of our aging community there will always be a need for a grab bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. Manufactures of safety equipment are always on the move for developing new products to help individuals with staying in their homes longer and safer.  Grab bars are constantly evolving in their design and uses. In the end ask yourself is public criticism a good excuse for not making your house a safer place to live.  

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Home Remodeling for Multigenerational Living in Tempe, AZ

Living for seniors today can be a struggle not only on the senior but on their family. With the cost of healthcare constantly rising individuals can’t find the funding to support the care for their love ones. No individual wants to see their parents struggle to receive good care. Only those who have a good amount of money set aside can afford the five star senior facilities that come with all the bells and whistles. The only alternative that people are taking advantage of today is what is called a multigenerational living situation.

Multigenerational living is where a family’s home consists of several generations. It’s very common to see parents move in with their adult children. Not only does this put relief on the financial side of things but also give piece of mind that their love ones are being taken care of.

With this type of living style increasing so is the need to remodel or build housing that can accommodate this lifestyle. Even though people are living together doesn’t mean they want to be on top of each other every minute of the day. Building separate living quarters eliminates this issue as well as creating privacy.  There are housing developments going on in states such as Arizona. With the cost of living always rising, the need for these developments in our communities are in need.

Builders are defiantly seeing this as a new home remodel craze.  It’s a lot more cost effective to remodel then to buy new. With creating a whole other living quarter individuals can customize the spaces for their needs. This is a great way to take advantage of universal design. Making things safe and accessible allows people to function independently. And with their love ones just a couple yards away adds to that security.

If individuals are interested in a home remodeling in Tempe, AZ or building a multigenerational home contact a local builder preferable one who has knowledge and experience working in the field of accessibility.