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Have challenges with lifts and transfers? Check out the Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment in Phoenix AZ.

Caregiving, whether in the home or facility setting, can be a challenge sometimes for the caregiver and the individual who needs assistance. Depending on the severity and degree of loss of function, you might need some help with different types of lift equipment to help make caregiving easier on both parties. Whether you need assistance with transfers, getting someone up and out of bed with more ease, or to transition from one chair to another, you can find the right type of lift equipment that will meet your needs and the needs of the individual. So what options are there? Where can I find one? Is there some in my area? Well, this is why ADL Solutions is around and here to help, especially if you are in the Phoenix AZ area.

So here is a great piece of lift equipment that we sell and highly recommend, Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment.

The Prism SGA-440 is a versatile sit-to-stand lift, intended for clients who can participate actively in the transfer or standing process. Once in a standing position, transferring to a wheelchair or commode is done easily and smoothly. The individual also gets valuable weight bearing training with the transfer as well.

The SGA-440 lift equipment allows for a wide range of adjustments to the leg supports and the lifting bar itself, to accommodate the support and comfort needs of the individual. These adjustments enable the caregiver to adapt the raising to pain sensitive patients, residents or loved ones, or those paralyzed on one side, with no need for optional equipment or separate lifts. With the versatility of this sit-to-stand lift equipment you can accommodate the individual’s needs in different ways, especially if those needs change. Adaptability is key when looking for the right piece of lift equipment to meet your needs as a caregiver, and the needs of the individual.

If you are in the Phoenix AZ area and are interested in learning more about the SGA-440 lift equipment please feel free to contact our office to come down and visit our showroom. Or we could send one of our trained staff out to your home or facility setting to discuss and go over needs to see if this is the right fit for you. There are a lot of options out on the market today and finding the one that will work best for you and the individual you are caring for is important.

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Looking for the Right Piece of Lift Equipment? Check Out the Rifton Tram in Phoenix AZ

Out on the market today are a variety of floor based lift equipment, transfer devices, gait trainers, and hoyer lifts. How do you know what is the right one for you? How do you choose between all the options out there? Where can you see one to test it out? It is a tough decision and if you get something that doesn’t meet your needs you are now out quite a bit of money.

To help you out in the decision making process let’s take a look at the Rifton Tram. And you might be asking yourself why the Rifton Tram? What is so special about this one compared to the others? Well let me tell you why this is one of our favorite pieces of lift equipment out on the market today. You will want to read this!

The Rifton Tram is a transfer and mobility device designed for the safety, convenience and dignity of both the individual and caregiver. Offering more options for less cost, the TRAM performs seated transfers and raises an individual for standing and supported ambulation, or walking. More than a patient lift system, the Rifton Tram combines three powerful functions in one device: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers, and seated transfers. There isn’t another piece of lift equipment on the market today that combines all these features into one.  For most companies you would have to have three separate devices to do everything the Rifton Tram does in one! 

Let’s look at some additional features of the Tram.

  • It has an ultralight compact frame that’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It can fit into a 24” doorway with no problem.
  • It has a 350-pound weight capacity and a powerful battery drive that can deliver over 70 lifts on a single charge.
  • The body support system helps eliminates any lifting by the caregiver or family member, reducing back strain and any injuries.
  • There is also an optional built-in scale, allowing you to weigh your client or family member while performing a transfer.

As you can see the Rifton Tram lift equipment has some great features to offer with the device. It is safe, easy to use, light weight, and offers you three functions in one. I honestly can’t think of a better piece of lift equipment to meet multiple needs. Another great part is if you are in the Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale area you can come down to our office and try it out for yourself. That is right; we have the Rifton Tram device on our showroom floor for people to try out.

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Healthcraft Products in Phoenix Arizona

Healthcraft is one of the leading manufactures in the nation for safety equipment. They don’t develop what you can consider an average grab bar. They specialize in safety poles and bars designed to accommodate specific needs. ADL Solutions in Phoenix Arizona has been a proud supplier of Healthcraft products for years and install their products on a regular basis.

Their top seller is the SuperPole which is useful in all areas of the home especially by beds, sofas, and chairs. This pole runs from floor to ceiling and is a great solution for those who need help with sitting and standing. The SuperPole also has added options such the SuperBar and Trapeze. Both additions help with balancing individuals between the sit and stand position.

SuperPole                                                               SuperPole with SuperBar                                SuperPole with Trapeze

Another safety bar that is commonly used is the P.T. Rail which is a perfect solution in the bathroom on either side of the toilet. With its double angled bar that adds wrist support these bars help with transferring on and off the toilet. They also come hinged so they can fold up against the wall when not in use.

P.T. Rail

The Dependa Bar is the last of the most common grab bar supplied by Healthcraft. This bar is mainly used in the shower and tub area. This bar swings outward horizontally to position its self in front of the user. It’s utilized as a sitting and standing aid before and after bathing. And like the P.T. Rail it has the ability to fold up next to the wall when not in use.

Dependa Bar

If you live in Phoenix or any surrounding cities in Arizona you can check out all that Healthcraft has to offer at The ADL Solutions Showroom in Tempe Arizona. They have been a supplier and installer for Healthcraft products for over five years in the Phoenix area. ADL also services the entire state when it comes to installation of safety equipment. For more info please contact ADL at 480-636-1816 or [email protected]

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Ramps in Phoenix Arizona

Most individuals today when ask what kind of items would you associate with home accessibility many would say grab bars and ramps. Those are the two most common and most cost effective solutions. Grab bars can pretty much be found and any local home improvement store. But as for ramps they’re a little bit harder special when it comes to finding the best one to suite your needs.

When deciding on a ramp first you must know how much ramp you need to know how much ramp you need. The rule to keep in mind is for every inch you need to go up you will go out a foot. So if you need to step-up 4” to get into the front door of your home you will need a 4’ ramp. Try to avoid getting a ramp that’s too steep. Steep ramps can be very difficult to move up on. Also consider if you need handrails.

There are several different styles of ramps the three basic is concrete, wood and aluminum. Each has their own pros and cons. Concrete can be the cheapest of all three ramp solutions depending on the size. With concrete you are also very limited in how big of a ramp you can construct before it starts getting expensive. If you’re only constructing a ramp that’s a couple feet long concrete can be easy to work with but is very time consuming to construct. Just remember concrete is the most permanent of all three ramp styles so once it goes in its hard to remove.

 Wood ramps are cost effective as well but in such places as Phoenix the weather over time will have its effects on the wood. Also wood may attract un-welcomed pest that also could weaken the ramp. But the upside to wood is several individuals like the appearance of it compared to the other options. This style ramp compared to concrete is easier to remove but unlike aluminum it can’t be reinstalled if needed you would have to re build all over again.

The last of the three options is aluminum which is pricier then the other options but has so many pros. As for the dependability and longevity of the ramp aluminum can out last the rest. With the shift in weather in Phoenix aluminum can holdup. It’s very easy to construct and deconstruct. Aluminum ramps also come in a variety of styles. There’s the modular ramp which if you’re looking for a large more permanent ramp this is your best option. But if you’re looking for something smaller there are also traveling ramps which can be used in multiple places. This ramp is easy to use it can be secured to a doorway with removable pegs. But when you need to take it with you just remove the pegs and fold the ramp up and you’re good to go. The only downside to aluminum in Phoenix is in the hot summer the railing can get hot to the touch. So always grab the railing with caution.

These are the three basic ramp styles but keep in mind there are other options on the market. If you live in the Phoenix area you can check out most of these ramp options at ADL Solutions located in Tempe Arizona. Not only do they have a showroom open to the public but they also offer installation for ramps. Contact them at info@adl-solutions or call 480-636-1816 for free estimate.

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Powered Toilet Lifts in Tempe Arizona

ADL Solutions, Inc. is one of the top home modification companies in Arizona located in Tempe. They specialize in adaptive equipment and home mods for those with disabilities. Every day they conduct home evaluations assisting with recommendations for those who need help in all areas of the home when it comes to making it functional for their needs. It’s not always easy to convince customers that they need special equipment specially if entails anything with toileting and bathing.

One of the most difficult things individuals hate to admit is that they need help with their toileting needs. No one wants to feel like they can use the restroom without someone there to help them. The most basic item people install to help with this issue is a grab bar. But that’s not always the best solution.  A person with little mobility in their arms my find it difficult to steady themselves or pull themselves up. Another common solution is raised toilet seats that sit on top of the toilet seat. Because these items can never be secured properly it is very easy to fall off them.

The best solution to obtain independence in this area is to install a toilet lift. Stand Aid of Iowa is just one manufacture who develops a specialized toilet lift. The lift is very easy to use with just one button that takes the seat up and down. With the raised seat it’s easier to sit and with the lower button you can slowly take an individual down to the toilet. When finished the toilet lift with help lift you off the toilet with ease. This lift can come portable or stationary. With the portable it can be taken anywhere it’s needed. And with an industrial strength battery there’s no need to have a plug cord in the way.

ADL Solutions has also found a way to attach a Bio Bidet to the toilet lift. Bidets have been around for a very long time and have become very useful when it comes to hands free cleaning. So not only you have the equipment that helps you on to the toilet but also the equipment that can cleans you.

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Pool Lift a Must Have in Phoenix Arizona’s Hot Summers

Everyone who lives or has visited Phoenix Arizona in its hot summers knows that pools can be your best friend. Enjoying the cool waters on a hot day is a real treat for Arizonians. But for those who have difficultly moving do to a disability pools can be an untouchable dream. But there is hope especially now that there’s a nationwide law in place since 2013 for all commercial properties such as hotels and health clubs need to provide a pool lift and spa lift. This is in compliancy with the new ADA guidelines.

With the install of a pool lift now it’s a lot easier for those who had difficulties before to now enjoy a pool on a hot summer day. People in Phoenix don’t only use pools to keep cool but they’re also a great way to get therapy for those who have certain medical conditions that require them to do light exercise. Same goes for the spa lift which can help get individuals in and out of hot tubs. With soar muscle or to help with circulation in the body spas can be heaven to those who need them.

Not every individual can make it to the local pool to do therapy or just to enjoy swimming. That is why more and more people are installing pool lifts at their own residence. An average of at least 30 percent of homes in Phoenix has a pool or spa. And why go to a public pool when you can enjoy one at home. Individuals can get all the therapy they need in the privacy of their own home and not feel pressured or embarrassed by others.

The average cost of a pool lift can range from $2500 to $5000 just depending on the manufacture and model. Not everyone can afford a major investment such as a pool lift. There are other aids on the market such as aquatic wheelchairs, walkers and ramps with double railings for extra support. With so many options on the market pools and spas can be enjoyed by everyone. But if you can take advantage of a pool lift a must have in Phoenix Arizona’s hot summer do so you won’t regret it.

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EZ Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift Equipment Available in Tempe AZ

When it comes to home modifications there are so many options out there on what you can do, solutions, ideas, equipment, etc… It can be overwhelming at times. Well to help out with this we are going to highlight one of our favorite products, the EZ Access Vertical Platform Lift equipment. Oh and don’t you worry, you can get it here at our office in Tempe AZ, installed by our trained contractors. Peace of mind, safety, and security are a top priority for us.

Okay, now on to the vertical platform lift.

EZ Access has designed one of the lightest residential platform lifts available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds and features an individually prewired platform lift tower and gate for easy installation. The platform tower and gate are both pre-wired with automotive-style connectors that are waterproof and will not corrode. Perfect if you live in an area where you get quite a bit of rain.

The Passport Vertical Platform Lift is fully DC powered. On battery power only, the Passport can complete approximately 30 complete cycles, even fully-loaded. That is definitely a worry-free feature to know that you have that many lifts on battery power only before it dies.

There are a few additional great features of the vertical platform lift equipment. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • The safety rail provides additional stability for platform lift riders who need a platform lift grab bar.  
  • The weather guard for the Passport Vertical Platform Lift helps protect the base of the platform lift from the outdoor elements.
  • The Passport gate features a mechanical interlocking latch with magnetic read switch that keeps the rider protected and safe from accidental injury and prevents improper operation of the lift.
  • Wireless remote control allows operation of the Passport from nearby locations, including vehicle or house.

This lift equipment is perfect for individuals with limited mobility who have a hard time getting in and out of their house because of an awkward entry way. This is just one solution, one product, but one that can make a huge benefit.

If you would like additional information on the Passport Vertical Platform Lift please contact our office in Tempe AZ at 480-636-1816. We can come out and do an evaluation of your home to see if this is the right solution for you.

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Arizona Ranked Best State for Disability Services- Phoenix

Arizona was ranked number one again for the third year in a row for offering the best services for those with disabilities. With cities such as Phoenix leading the way for new innovations in the disability community they have made it possible for individuals to get the proper care needed.  Other states making the top 10 include Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio and New York. States that have remained in the bottom for eight years straight are Arkansas, Illinois, Texas and Mississippi.

These states are ranked on several different factors such as  their approach on promoting productivity and independence, development of quality and safety, and those individuals in need and keeping love ones together.

In a nation analysis, close 317,000 people are on wait lists for community-based and home services. Over the past several years Phoenix has grown as a city but with that growth there are its ups and downs. One down is the poverty level which is a major issue for those who do need special medical care. When individuals finding it hard to make ends meet financial they can neglect their health. But with major support in the Phoenix community though non-profit and government funded programs individuals are given better opportunities for assistant in their homes and health care facilities with the proper equipment and home modifications.

Many individuals are in need of even the most basic supplies and equipment such as grab bars, ramps, & walking aids. With the programs in cities such as Phoenix individuals are giving funding to develop a safer living environment with the proper home modifications and equipment. Just offering these simple and cost effective solutions individuals are offered a longer and healthier life.

One local woman in Phoenix with the assistance of non-profit organization was able to have home modifications done at little to no cost to her. With correct safety equipment installed such as the ramp she received she is now able to enter and leave her home without the major concern of falling. 

 Next year let’s hope that when the report comes out that it shows an increase in the care and quality given those in need have increased. And with Arizona ranked best state for disability services they are the perfect role model for other states to follow.

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Home Remodeling Ideas in the Kitchen Using Universal Design in Tempe AZ

Imagine your kitchen in your home having a little more maneuverability. Imagine having a little more ease on accessing what you need. Imagine being able to use all your surfaces, cabinets, appliances no matter your function, ability or age. But what does that mean? What does that look like? How can you incorporate ideas and concepts that keep your style, design, and life what you like?

Remodeling your kitchen for universal design can be an easy and fun project. There are a lot of ideas and concepts you can incorporate into your kitchen that can accommodate anyone’s needs. Here at ADL Solutions, located in Tempe AZ, this is what we do day in and day out. We help people remodel their homes so they are able to age in place, as well as fit their current needs or disability related needs. So here are a few ideas that you can do, (or hire someone to do), to give your kitchen an uplift or upgrade to a universal design look.


Raised base cabinets can make it easier when having to bend over to get pots, pans, dishes out of your cabinet. It also leaves room for a foot rest of a wheelchair to get under.
Pull out work surfaces allow someone in a wheelchair to have access to a cutting board or countertop from a seated position. Having different surfaces with different heights allows anyone to be able to use the kitchen area.
Remove threshold areas to allow barrier-free entry and exiting from the room.
Non-skid flooring provides a safe environment no matter your age, or disability.
Having single lever faucets and pulls rather than knobs on cabinets and drawers are easier to grip.
Drawer appliances- several manufacturers offer dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, and freezers in pull-out are installed below the counter, keeping them within easy reach.
There are ADA compliant appliances from several different manufacturers that you can install in your kitchen. They come with different guidelines and features so that someone in a wheelchair, using a walker, or someone who is able bodied can use them.  Here are a few examples:
Ranges, cooktops, and dishwashers have a maximum high forward reach of 48 inches for controls, and a maximum low forward reach of 15 inches.
Controls must be operable with one hand without the need for tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist.
Top-freezer refrigerators must have 100% of the fresh food space below 54 inches and 50% of the freezer space below 54 inches.

These are just a few ideas that you can do to remodel your kitchen in your home with universal design. If you have any questions or want to know feel free to contact our office in Tempe AZ at 480-636-1816. We are here to be a service to the community and help people get their needs met. We are a vendor for several manufacturers who offer these types of products and appliances listed above. So whatever your needs are we can find a solution that will work for you and your budget. 

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Home Remodeling Ideas for the Bathroom Using Universal Design in Tempe AZ

Let’s take a moment and imagine a spacious wet room bathroom. Accessible vanity, elevated toilet, levers for all handles and faucets, open zero transition shower, and all the space to move around. Imagine not having to step over/into tubs, easily access the toilet and sink with enough room, less risk for falling. Now doesn’t that sound amazing?  Even if you are not a fan of a wet room bathroom wouldn’t it be nice to have more space and easier access to taking a shower and getting ready in the morning.

The bathroom is a highly used room in the house. You shower, take a bath, go to the toilet, wash hands, get dressed, and for women put on makeup. Quite a few of our activities of daily living are performed in the bathroom. Now imagine not being able to do all those things for yourself because you can’t access the bathroom or it isn’t adapted to meet your needs. That is a lot of independence taken away right there.

So what can you do to ensure that your bathroom meets your needs as you age?

Here at ADL Solutions, located in Tempe AZ, we have put together some ideas on how you can remodel your bathroom to meet your current and future needs. There are several ideas using universal design that can help you get what you want and use.

Listed below are home remodeling ideas for the bathroom using universal design, adaptive equipment, and other concepts.

  • Grab bars are an easy and necessary addition to the bathroom, and especially the shower. They don’t have to look institutional. There are a variety and wide range of grab bars that have a designer touch with a functional component. For example: you can have a towel rack that is also a grab bar or a shampoo shelf in the shower that is also a grab bar.  Moen, Seach rome, and Health Craft all have specialty and designer grab bars.
  • Comfort height toilets are another great addition. Whether you need to transfer from your wheelchair to the toilet or just need more ease with getting up and sitting down; having the toilet seat 16 to 17 inches off the floor provides that added ease and comfort.
  • Another great idea is to have wall-hung or tank less toilets. They create more space, more convenience, and easier to clean.
  • Roll under sinks are also a great addition to the bathroom when remodeling. Easy access, room underneath, and you can always add pull out drawers. You will still have a vanity but now you will be able to get a wheelchair underneath so someone could pull up to the sink.
  • If you don’t have a lot of space and you need to create more you can remove the vanity and put in a pedestal sink. If you still need storage space you can add shelves or wall mounted cabinets.
  • When it comes to a shower or tub, or combo of the two, you have options. A couple examples are listed below.
  • Barrier free, or roll-in showers, are a great option when you need something easier to get in and out of. These showers provide easy access into the shower whether you can still walk or are in a wheelchair. You can either do a custom tile shower or go for the easy fiberglass showers. Both are great options. 
  • If you still want the luxury of having a tub or spa to sit and soak in there is the option of a walk in tub. Small step in, close the door, sit down on a seat and wait for the water to fill up and the jets to turn on. Easy to get in and out of, great style, function, and luxury. 
  • Another option is the ADL Spa by Best Bath. It is a transfer spa tub. Cabinet underneath to make the tub elevated to the seat height of a wheelchair. Easy to transfer in to, slide the door closed, let the water fill up and the jets turn on.  This is always a great option for ease with care giving as well. 

There are a lot more options out there on how to remodel your bathroom to make it more accessible and have a universal design. These are just a few that are the most common things to be done in the bathroom.