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Powered Toilet Lifts in Tempe Arizona

ADL Solutions, Inc. is one of the top home modification companies in Arizona located in Tempe. They specialize in adaptive equipment and home mods for those with disabilities. Every day they conduct home evaluations assisting with recommendations for those who need help in all areas of the home when it comes to making it functional for their needs. It’s not always easy to convince customers that they need special equipment specially if entails anything with toileting and bathing.

One of the most difficult things individuals hate to admit is that they need help with their toileting needs. No one wants to feel like they can use the restroom without someone there to help them. The most basic item people install to help with this issue is a grab bar. But that’s not always the best solution.  A person with little mobility in their arms my find it difficult to steady themselves or pull themselves up. Another common solution is raised toilet seats that sit on top of the toilet seat. Because these items can never be secured properly it is very easy to fall off them.

The best solution to obtain independence in this area is to install a toilet lift. Stand Aid of Iowa is just one manufacture who develops a specialized toilet lift. The lift is very easy to use with just one button that takes the seat up and down. With the raised seat it’s easier to sit and with the lower button you can slowly take an individual down to the toilet. When finished the toilet lift with help lift you off the toilet with ease. This lift can come portable or stationary. With the portable it can be taken anywhere it’s needed. And with an industrial strength battery there’s no need to have a plug cord in the way.

ADL Solutions has also found a way to attach a Bio Bidet to the toilet lift. Bidets have been around for a very long time and have become very useful when it comes to hands free cleaning. So not only you have the equipment that helps you on to the toilet but also the equipment that can cleans you.