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Pool Lift a Must Have in Phoenix Arizona’s Hot Summers

Everyone who lives or has visited Phoenix Arizona in its hot summers knows that pools can be your best friend. Enjoying the cool waters on a hot day is a real treat for Arizonians. But for those who have difficultly moving do to a disability pools can be an untouchable dream. But there is hope especially now that there’s a nationwide law in place since 2013 for all commercial properties such as hotels and health clubs need to provide a pool lift and spa lift. This is in compliancy with the new ADA guidelines.

With the install of a pool lift now it’s a lot easier for those who had difficulties before to now enjoy a pool on a hot summer day. People in Phoenix don’t only use pools to keep cool but they’re also a great way to get therapy for those who have certain medical conditions that require them to do light exercise. Same goes for the spa lift which can help get individuals in and out of hot tubs. With soar muscle or to help with circulation in the body spas can be heaven to those who need them.

Not every individual can make it to the local pool to do therapy or just to enjoy swimming. That is why more and more people are installing pool lifts at their own residence. An average of at least 30 percent of homes in Phoenix has a pool or spa. And why go to a public pool when you can enjoy one at home. Individuals can get all the therapy they need in the privacy of their own home and not feel pressured or embarrassed by others.

The average cost of a pool lift can range from $2500 to $5000 just depending on the manufacture and model. Not everyone can afford a major investment such as a pool lift. There are other aids on the market such as aquatic wheelchairs, walkers and ramps with double railings for extra support. With so many options on the market pools and spas can be enjoyed by everyone. But if you can take advantage of a pool lift a must have in Phoenix Arizona’s hot summer do so you won’t regret it.