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Ramps in Phoenix Arizona

Most individuals today when ask what kind of items would you associate with home accessibility many would say grab bars and ramps. Those are the two most common and most cost effective solutions. Grab bars can pretty much be found and any local home improvement store. But as for ramps they’re a little bit harder special when it comes to finding the best one to suite your needs.

When deciding on a ramp first you must know how much ramp you need to know how much ramp you need. The rule to keep in mind is for every inch you need to go up you will go out a foot. So if you need to step-up 4” to get into the front door of your home you will need a 4’ ramp. Try to avoid getting a ramp that’s too steep. Steep ramps can be very difficult to move up on. Also consider if you need handrails.

There are several different styles of ramps the three basic is concrete, wood and aluminum. Each has their own pros and cons. Concrete can be the cheapest of all three ramp solutions depending on the size. With concrete you are also very limited in how big of a ramp you can construct before it starts getting expensive. If you’re only constructing a ramp that’s a couple feet long concrete can be easy to work with but is very time consuming to construct. Just remember concrete is the most permanent of all three ramp styles so once it goes in its hard to remove.

 Wood ramps are cost effective as well but in such places as Phoenix the weather over time will have its effects on the wood. Also wood may attract un-welcomed pest that also could weaken the ramp. But the upside to wood is several individuals like the appearance of it compared to the other options. This style ramp compared to concrete is easier to remove but unlike aluminum it can’t be reinstalled if needed you would have to re build all over again.

The last of the three options is aluminum which is pricier then the other options but has so many pros. As for the dependability and longevity of the ramp aluminum can out last the rest. With the shift in weather in Phoenix aluminum can holdup. It’s very easy to construct and deconstruct. Aluminum ramps also come in a variety of styles. There’s the modular ramp which if you’re looking for a large more permanent ramp this is your best option. But if you’re looking for something smaller there are also traveling ramps which can be used in multiple places. This ramp is easy to use it can be secured to a doorway with removable pegs. But when you need to take it with you just remove the pegs and fold the ramp up and you’re good to go. The only downside to aluminum in Phoenix is in the hot summer the railing can get hot to the touch. So always grab the railing with caution.

These are the three basic ramp styles but keep in mind there are other options on the market. If you live in the Phoenix area you can check out most of these ramp options at ADL Solutions located in Tempe Arizona. Not only do they have a showroom open to the public but they also offer installation for ramps. Contact them at info@adl-solutions or call 480-636-1816 for free estimate.