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Healthcraft Products in Phoenix Arizona

Healthcraft is one of the leading manufactures in the nation for safety equipment. They don’t develop what you can consider an average grab bar. They specialize in safety poles and bars designed to accommodate specific needs. ADL Solutions in Phoenix Arizona has been a proud supplier of Healthcraft products for years and install their products on a regular basis.

Their top seller is the SuperPole which is useful in all areas of the home especially by beds, sofas, and chairs. This pole runs from floor to ceiling and is a great solution for those who need help with sitting and standing. The SuperPole also has added options such the SuperBar and Trapeze. Both additions help with balancing individuals between the sit and stand position.

SuperPole                                                               SuperPole with SuperBar                                SuperPole with Trapeze

Another safety bar that is commonly used is the P.T. Rail which is a perfect solution in the bathroom on either side of the toilet. With its double angled bar that adds wrist support these bars help with transferring on and off the toilet. They also come hinged so they can fold up against the wall when not in use.

P.T. Rail

The Dependa Bar is the last of the most common grab bar supplied by Healthcraft. This bar is mainly used in the shower and tub area. This bar swings outward horizontally to position its self in front of the user. It’s utilized as a sitting and standing aid before and after bathing. And like the P.T. Rail it has the ability to fold up next to the wall when not in use.

Dependa Bar

If you live in Phoenix or any surrounding cities in Arizona you can check out all that Healthcraft has to offer at The ADL Solutions Showroom in Tempe Arizona. They have been a supplier and installer for Healthcraft products for over five years in the Phoenix area. ADL also services the entire state when it comes to installation of safety equipment. For more info please contact ADL at 480-636-1816 or [email protected]