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Have challenges with lifts and transfers? Check out the Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment in Phoenix AZ.

Caregiving, whether in the home or facility setting, can be a challenge sometimes for the caregiver and the individual who needs assistance. Depending on the severity and degree of loss of function, you might need some help with different types of lift equipment to help make caregiving easier on both parties. Whether you need assistance with transfers, getting someone up and out of bed with more ease, or to transition from one chair to another, you can find the right type of lift equipment that will meet your needs and the needs of the individual. So what options are there? Where can I find one? Is there some in my area? Well, this is why ADL Solutions is around and here to help, especially if you are in the Phoenix AZ area.

So here is a great piece of lift equipment that we sell and highly recommend, Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment.

The Prism SGA-440 is a versatile sit-to-stand lift, intended for clients who can participate actively in the transfer or standing process. Once in a standing position, transferring to a wheelchair or commode is done easily and smoothly. The individual also gets valuable weight bearing training with the transfer as well.

The SGA-440 lift equipment allows for a wide range of adjustments to the leg supports and the lifting bar itself, to accommodate the support and comfort needs of the individual. These adjustments enable the caregiver to adapt the raising to pain sensitive patients, residents or loved ones, or those paralyzed on one side, with no need for optional equipment or separate lifts. With the versatility of this sit-to-stand lift equipment you can accommodate the individual’s needs in different ways, especially if those needs change. Adaptability is key when looking for the right piece of lift equipment to meet your needs as a caregiver, and the needs of the individual.

If you are in the Phoenix AZ area and are interested in learning more about the SGA-440 lift equipment please feel free to contact our office to come down and visit our showroom. Or we could send one of our trained staff out to your home or facility setting to discuss and go over needs to see if this is the right fit for you. There are a lot of options out on the market today and finding the one that will work best for you and the individual you are caring for is important.