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Safe Patient Handling with the Invacare I-Lift Floor Based Lift Equipment in Tempe AZ

When working in a hospital, rehabilitation center, skilled nursing, assisted living, or any other facility setting with patients who have significant deficits, low tone, limited function and mobility it can be challenging to get them up and moving. When staff need to assist with patient lifts and transfers throughout the day it can be hard on the body and very likely for someone to injure their back. One way to avoid injuries and help keep both the patient and staff member safe is by using a floor based lift.

There are a lot of floor based lifts out on the market and most people think of Hoyer lifts, most common one, but there are so many other types and manufacturers out there to look at and choose from. So what do you need to know and look for? What will be the best for you? What functions do I need? In this article we are going to look at the Invacare I-Lift equipment. And if you are in the Tempe, Scottsdale or Phoenix area you can come and check one out at ADL Solutions office and showroom, which is located in Tempe AZ.

So let’s look at the features and benefits of the I-Lift.

Designed to handle the most common transfer situations with ease, the Invacare I-Lift equipment, with a 450 lb. weight capacity will accommodate patients from a bed, a stretcher, a wheelchair, a commode and even from the floor.

With increased maneuverability, ease of use, and enhanced safety features, the I-Lift equipment delivers advanced features that helps protect and assist caregivers and staff in providing safe and effective healthcare when working with their patients.

Now let’s look at some of the features and functions of the Invacare I-Lift equipment.

  • Low friction casters and dual precision bearings provide smooth maneuverability that requires 60% LESS force to push/pull the equipment.
  • Ergonomic dual angle push bar is symmetrical to accommodate a variety of caregivers’ heights and allows access from either side.
  • Foldable design delivers added convenience for easy storage for travel or storage when not in use.
  • Optional digital scale is easy to use with clearly labeled controls, digital display and operating instructions printed right on the face panel. A perfect way to weigh a patient while in the process of transferring them.

The Invacare I-Lift has a ton of great features and benefits to help assist staff and caregivers when assisting patients with lifts and transfers. This is one of the optimal floor based lift equipment out there to help meet your needs. Call our office to schedule a time to come and visit our showroom to check out the Invacare I-Lift equipment in Tempe AZ.