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Proper Grab Bar Placement in Phoenix Arizona

rab bars are easy solutions to making areas such as a bathroom safer for individuals to use. But keep in mind if installed improperly they could be useless or even dangerous.  ADL Solutions in Phoenix Arizona have been servicing individuals for years when it comes to installing and recommending safety equipment. They have some helpful recommendations for anyone who is deciding on adding grab bars to their home.

The first thing to consider is do you want a permanent or non-permanent grab bar. Permanent is highly recommended over the non-permanent   especially in areas like the shower and tub. With permanent there is less of a worry about the grab bar failing especially if it’s secured properly to a wall. The non-permanent is always the kind that use suction cups. And with using suction cups there is a high possibility that the suction cup could fail and the end result would be a fall.

After choosing the type the next thing is picking the style. There are endless options when it comes to styles. The most common and useful is the standard stainless steel with a peened (textured) surface. ADL Solution specialist will recommend the stainless steel peened because it has the ability to last longer, it has high weight capacity, the peened outside for extra grip protection, and it’s easy to clean and doesn’t hold in bacterial like other grab bars. These reasons are probably why you see them in so many commercial bathrooms.

But, if you’re an individual that wants something that is a little bit more decorative there are so many designer grab bars. Decorative finishes such as oil rubbed bronze and brush nickel with fancy finial ends they still function like a grab bar but don’t look like one. There are also grab bars the serve as multiple functions. One example is a towel bar that also serves as a grab bar. Or a shower soap dish that’s also a grab bar. Just make sure you do your research before settling on a style.

Next is the placement of the grab bar. Every individual is unique and has different needs so when placing a bar it will have to be placed in areas that are most useful to the individual. It’s always good to have one positioned at the entrance of a shower or tub. This would be used to help the individual balance while getting in and out. Another good location is along the back wall of the tub and shower. This will help with moving while trying to get situated for bathing.

Now when it comes to installing it’s recommended you use a professional to install. This way things are installed correctly and properly secured. If you live in the Phoenix area or anywhere in Arizona ADL Solutions is a great choice for using for the install and they also offer a free evaluation for the Phoenix and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in getting more information contact ADL at 480-636-1816 or email [email protected]