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Need Some New Ideas to Help Create Accessible Entry Ways? Check Out These Home Remodel Ideas Using Stanley Automatic Doors in Tempe AZ

Accessible entry ways in and out of the home are a concern for individuals with limited mobility and function.  Not having access to your home, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, really any area in your home is an issue. People should be able to fully access every area of their home without any barriers. So what can you do to your home to remodel it in a way where you have access to every area and are able to get in and out of your home as well? There are a variety of options and solutions out there to help meet each individual need. Let’s look at a couple options here using Stanley Automatic Door Openers.

Automatic Swing Door Operator Systems

A swing door operator is beneficial for commercial settings but it can also be used in the home setting as well. This is a great option for someone who needs more independence when trying to get in and out of the home and doesn’t have the grip function or capability to grasp a handle on a door.

With this type of automatic system you can have a variety of ways the door will open for access. You can have a push plate on a wall close by the door that you can easily press to open the door. You can have it be a sensor motion. For example, if an individual in a wheelchair can’t press a button they can have a sensor on their chair so when they approach the door it will automatically open.  You can also have mats, radio controls, or card readers. With automatic door operating systems you are not limited in the capabilities or ways you can utilize it to meet your needs.

  • These systems are suitable for low energy or full energy applications
  • Can power standard swing doors up to 700 pounds
  • Are compatible with wood, metal, or glass
  • Allow for fast and easy retrofit installation
  • And they can be used for fire door operators in case of a fire in the home

Another option for the automatic door opener systems is the individual can have a remote control where they can operate the door to open if someone comes to the home, like a caregiver for example, and they can let them in from the comfort of their bed, couch, or wheelchair. This is a great security option as well. You can even go a step further and have a video camera placed outside the door so the individual in the home can see who is at the door and if it is someone they want to open the door to.

You can add a security component to the automatic door systems when to give the individual that added sense of comfort and security to be able to live comfortably in their home. Stanley offers these options as well. You can get the automatic door openers but also the added security portion to give that added bonus of accessibility and security.

If automatic door openers are not a possibility for you right now there are a lot of other ways to help make your entry ways more accessible when looking at remodeling your home. You can widen doorways, create a zero threshold, have levers instead of round knobs, and a variety of other options. Stanley, along with ADL Solutions, offers a variety of options to the community in Tempe AZ, who need to be able to access their home.