Dolphin II Electric Rolling Commode/Shower Chair

Electric, height adjustable tilting commode/shower chair.

The Human Care Dolphin II allows personal hygiene activities to be carried out in the most ergonomic manner. While the client is sitting in a relaxed, tilted position, the optimal height adjustment function prevents the caregiver from having to stoop. The large range of the seat height means that the caregiver can even address the personal hygiene needs of the client at hip height. The seat and backrest tilt as one, keeping the client in a stable position. The electrically operated tilt is seamless. It is easy for the caregiver to operate the system using only one hand and without any effort, thus facilitating the most comfortable position for both the client and caregiver. It is easier for the client to stand up from the chair from a sitting position because of the forward tilt.




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