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Bariatric Lifts in Phoenix Arizona

Over the past few years obesity has become a major issue for many Americans. Today more and more individuals are aware of the health issues and our trying to find healthier lifestyles. But for those who struggle with their weight they become not only a health issue for themselves but also for those who care for them.

Most individual when they here obese they think of an individual who is extremely over weight. To be considered obese the individual is usually 100-300 lbs. overweight. When an individual gets to this state they will require the assistance of bariatric equipment such as lifts, walkers, wheelchair etc. These items are made to hold up high weight levels. Using medical equipment that isn’t bariatric can be dangerous for the patient and their caregiver.

When transporting a bariatric patient certain steps are needed to ensure safety for both parties. This is where a bariatric lift comes in handy. Using a bariatric lift takes the heavy lifting away from the caregiver and also makes it a lot more comfortable for the patient. There are several different types of lifts available ceiling lifts, Hoyer lifts, sit to stand lifts the list goes on. Depending on the lift equipment an individual is looking at the most import thing to know is the weight capacity. Knowing that the equipment has been tested and has an approved capacity from the manufacture gives re-insurance that the equipment should not fail.

Another thing to consider is what type of sling is needed these too have a weight capacity. But with slings there are several different styles that accommodate different uses. There’s slings for basic transfers (Example: From bed to chair) Then there’s bathing and toileting slings that assist with personal hygiene needs. When it comes time to picking out a sling an individual should contact a care specialist that has experience with sling sizing and use. They can help with not only ordering the correct equipment but can also show how to properly use the lift and to secure the sling on patient.

Those who live in Phoenix Arizona or surrounding areas can contact ADL Solutions, Inc. They offer a wide variety of patient lifts and slings. Speak to a certified professional at 480-636-1816 or email [email protected]. ADL a local showroom open to the public and also offers free home evaluations.