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Bedroom Design for Children with Special Needs in Scottsdale Arizona

In today’s world individuals are more aware of the issues that those with physical and mental disabilities face. From giving proper medical care to creating the perfect environment to help with the daily activities individuals with disabilities have more resources available today than they had 20 years ago. In cities such as Scottsdale Arizona a city that is growing such companies as ADL Solutions, Inc. work hard to offer the right medical equipment as well as residential and commercial modifications for those in need for accessibility.

What ADL Solutions has found which many in the healthcare industry know is that each individual is not the same and they have specific needs when it comes to medical care. When designing a space for a child there are several things to consider that you most likely would consider for and adult or senior. Every child wants to feel special and have a normal healthy life. By creating an accessible environment that doesn’t feel like a hospital but a home you can improve a child’s physical and mental state.

Children with special needs spend more time in their bedrooms then most children so this is a space that definitely needs to be designed special. The following are tips that ADL suggest you consider when planning a space that is functional and pleasant for both the child and their caregivers.

  • Eliminate flooring such as carpet which can make it difficult to move if using a wheelchair, walker, or lift. Replace with hardwood or tile can solve this issue. Another upside to removing carpet is the fact it cuts down on allergens in the space.
  • When choosing colors for the space use calming colors such as pastels (blue, purple, and gray). Especially children with Autism need to have soothing colors which help with relaxation. Warm colors such as red, yellow, or orange can be chaotic and stressful.
  • Create easy access to such things as light switches and doors. Moving light switched down lower on the wall make it easy for the child. Or even consider putting in a light switch that works on sensors. Also replacing doors with pocket doors are much more user friendly and eliminate the issue of the swing of the door or the operation of turning a door knob. If an individual can’t afford to modify the door also consider using push hinges which allows for the user to push the door open without the use of a door knob. Our install lever door knobs which are easier to turn.
  • Make use of the space you have for the storage of medical related products. Converting a closet into storage for medical equipment and everyday supplies make it easier and fast for the caregiver to access when needed. Also placing a bedside table that has shelves or drawers can be a great place for medicine storage. You can also store a small fridge in a bedside cabinet to help with medicine, water, juice or other items that are need on a regular basis.
  • Dispersing of un-necessary clutter can help in so many ways. For one it makes it easy to move around the room when using a wheelchair or other moving device. Secondly a clutter free room makes the room less stressful and helps a child find toys and learning ads. Children with vision issues the organization will help with navigating and finding items based on memory and touch.
  • Remove anything that may be a dust collector. Repertory issues need to be considered in the planning process. Try installing vertical blinds which carry less dust compared to drapes and horizontal blinds. Also seal your child’s mattress in a plastic cover. The use of dehumidifiers and air purifiers are recommended.
  • When choosing furniture try finding heavy pieces or pieces that can be bolted or secured to the wall. This will prevent any accidents involving falling furniture. When picking the right bed in some cases a medical bed will be needed but if a medical bed is not required a bed low to the ground is recommended. Low beds will help if the child happens to fall out of bed. Also try picking furniture that is at the perfect height for those using a wheelchair

Hopefully these tips help with the planning process for modify a space to work for your child. But if you need more assistance and you live in the Scottsdale or surrounding areas feel free to contact the experts at ADL Solutions for a free home evaluation. Email [email protected] or phone 480-636-1816