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Ceiling Lift Equipment in Scottsdale AZ

Safe patient handling is a concern within any facility setting, whether the hospital, rehab center, or skilled nursing. There is a safety and liability risk to the staff and patient when it comes to properly lifting and transporting someone from room to room, or bed to chair, etc… Staff/caregivers are at high risk for injury if they have to do manual transfers with patients on a daily basis. That is a huge strain and demand on the body. Plus, there is the risk for the patient as well. If something where to happen while in the middle of performing a lift both the patient and staff member could be injured. One option to help alleviate this concern would be installing ceiling lift equipment.  

Ceiling lifts are a great way to help make the facility or hospital setting safe for both the staff and the patients they are caring for. There are a variety of options when it comes to ceiling lifts. There are portable ceiling lifts that can break down into easily movable pieces and you have the option to move them from room to room. The other option is installing a permanent track system.

With a track ceiling lift equipment system you have a variety of options as well. The track system can be just in one room, or it can move from room to room around a facility. There are different functions and options with each track system. It really depends on the needs of the patients you are working with and what will work best for them and your staff.

If your hospital, rehab center, or skilled nursing facility is in the market for exploring alternative options to safe patient handling then contact our office in Tempe AZ at 480-636-1816. Our trained and certified staff can come out and assess the facility setting to see what will work best for you and your patients. From there we can install the ceiling lift equipment and do all the contract work involved. After installation is complete we can also train your staff on how to use the ceiling lift equipment properly.

There are a lot of options, people, and places you can go to get what you need but you want to go with a company that has experience and expertise in this area. ADL Solutions can provide you with the options and equipment you will need to help keep your patients safe.